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Brian Norris is originally from Greenville, FL, and has been performing for over 10 years at the award-winning Smoky Mountain Jubilee in Pigeon Forge, TN., where he sings solo’s as well as singing baritone with the Smoky Mountain Jubilee Quartet, which many consider the finest quartet in the Smokies.

Brian’s life-long passion to serve CHRIST JESUS  led him, just last year, to personally write 10 beautiful songs for his very first solo CD simply named “Brian Norris”. This entire CD, written and produced by Brian himself, resulted in yet another production masterpiece by legendary Gary McVay (formerly, himself, with the Smoky Mountain Jubilee nearly 20 cherished years), who also owns and operates Gloryland Studios just outside Wears Valley, TN.

Now Brian can claim something that very few folks have, or WILL EVER claim, and this thing was not written, sung or spoken of his own, but quoted by the Smokies legendary Gary McVay HIMSELF: “Brian has just completed his first solo recording. This session was one of my best experiences at Gloryland Recording Studio.  Brian wrote and produced all of the songs on this CD.  God has truly blessed him with the gift of writing.”  Need we say more? After that heart-felt reference, I recon a bunch of folks never read past Gary’s quote, and simply click on ‘CLIPS OF HIS MUSIC’ above, then subsequently clicked on the ADD TO CART, and were probably ‘wearing out’ Brian’s first CD just a few days later!!!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! (ha-ha).  Seriously, and I honestly mean SERIOUSLY, I spoke with Gary McVay himself yesterday morning, of which he mentioned “I have been up through the wee hours of the morning in studio with Brian working on his new project”, and after a long pause (I thought maybe my friend just tuckered out right there and dosed off) but then he solemnly said,: “I believe this project is the single most awesome work the Lord has ever Blessed me being a part of“.  Well, I had to stop myself ,and ponder…just what I personally witnessed Gary McVay himself say, and through my mind immediately flashed some of the outstanding recording works produced by some exceedingly talented musicians and artists over the years, and, quite frankly,  didn’t know quite WHAT to expect???  

Now later that day, I was on the phone with the owners of the soon to be reopened English Mountain Retreat from Florida, (where, God willing, all of us will spend many hours enjoying Gospel Singings in their mountaintop conference center) when I looked over and saw my wife’s eyes big as saucers looking at a little stereo in awe…then I REALLY STRAINED to hear what was mesmerizing her, and when I had heard but 10-15 seconds of this, we just looked at each other in awe of what we were witnessing, which you probably have guessed by now, was a track off of Brian’s new project!  Brothers and sisters I am no music authority nor is my wife (well, I’m not, but wait, my wife frequently insists she IS the authority…oops ok back to the subject) but if that song does not light the Gospel world on fire, then their WOOD IS WET<HAHA> Well I believe that’s about as far (or EXCEEDING FAR) as I best go, but you all JUST WAIT till Brian gives us the nod to put the song samples online, and THEN see how long it takes YOU TO CLICK -> ADD TO CART!!!!!!!  I, for one, will be counting the days (AND SECONDS) till we get his official OK!!!



ROMANS 5:20 Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound:

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