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Gospel songs your way featuring the incredible, versatile, wide-range of Jim Chambers, best known for rich low-low bass singing with the Creations Quartet. I got interested in gospel singing at a very early age Listening to Gospel Music on the radio. Among my chief influences were The Friendly 5 Quartet, which came on at 9am, and The Carolina Quartet, which came on at 2pm. The Friendly 5 Quartet was trained by music teacher Mrs. Terry Wilson of Pisguah View Road near Spivey Mountain. She also worked with and played piano for the Carolina Quartet. I lived about 1 or 2 miles away from this teacher. And at the age of 7 yrs, I used my lunch money to take voice lessons and music lessons from Mrs. Terry Wilson. The next year I got a job Cleaning Trays in the School lunch room to pay for my lunch. Also many, many, many, thanks goes to a young lady that also took lessons from the same teacher. Many hours she played the piano while I practiced singing. Her maiden name was Rosalie Ingle.

I guess I would be a bigger man If I hadn’t skipped lunch that year. I weigh about 260 at this time. Own a riding stable and at the age of 69 ride most every day. Sang in school glee club and school Quartet also with Eldridge Fox. I later taught voice lessons and Eldridge used my mini book on easy voice lessons.

Also played the bass horn in school band joined the 82nd air born sang with Floyd Robinson and the VocalAirs we were named by the famous Sky King on a weekly TV show Steve Manderson Presents in Augusta Ga. Also weekly TV show Bob Pools Gospel TV in Greenville S.C. Later more training Rev Joe Mitchel The music minister with The Late Great Vip Ellis we Formed the Masters Quartet and I sang bass . Later Joined Don Ritter Formally with the Swannee River Boys and we Formed the monitors Quartet. We recorded with RCA I was on loan for a lot of years filling in for many Quartets singing bass or baritone, This is when I developed a wide vocal range and at my age I can still sing Just about any range I choose In fact I use many voices In my concerts , from JD Or the Chief Up to Elvis Or Eddy Arnold. I love the Lord With All My Heart and trust him for every thing I have had a wonderful life And would love to do it all over again Changing very Little. The Lord is my guiding light in every thing.

And last but not least. I sang many years with the Creations Quartet. 2 yrs at Archie Campbell Mountain Theatre, and 2 yrs at Silver Dollar City Now Dollywood. In Sevierville TN. I Now sing as many show dates As I can. Also I sing for our Guests In the Lobby Of My Riding Stable . I also Perform many Weddings on Horse Back and on the decks of our pontoon boats, see web sites. God Will Bless His Blessed. So be blessed Jim Chambers


Jim Chambers

E-Mail: ahorse@webtv.net 

Proverbs 24:4 And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

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