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Monty Milikin has been around Southern Gospel nearly all his life. As a kid his Parents would take him and his brother to every singing that they could attend. Monty would sit in amazement at the groups performing on stage and would dream of one day being able to perform like the great Groups Of Southern Gospel that he has come to love. At age fourteen he got his first chance. After several months of practice on a drum set he received at Christmas, Monty Finally got to play on stage with a local gospel group called the Smile Awhiles. Monty’s Dad also joined the group as bass singer. While Monty’s Dad loved the drums, he insisted that Monty take up the piano. Not Monty’s favorite instrument at the time, it finally grew on him when he realized that he could play the piano by ear. Monty’s Dad loved Floyd Cramer and Promised Monty that if he would learn to play “Last Date ‘ by Floyd, that he would buy him a new car. Well that very same day Monty played “Last Date” for his dad and he got a new car. Shortly after Monty switch from the drums to full time pianist for the Smile Awhiles until he was 17. Monty then began his own group with his family and traveled for several years. After the disbandment of the family group, Monty spent the next few years playing piano or bass guitar for his local church. In 2000 Monty was approach by a friend to start a group and to write some songs for them. Winter of that year their group called the Bondservants went in to the studio and recorded a 10 song project which included 7 original songs by Monty. After 2 years of traveling, the owner of the group decided to come of the road. Monty and the tenor singer of the Bondservant formed a group called Mercy’s Heart. Mercy’s Heart went straight to the studio in 2002 and put together a 10 song project which included 8 of Monty’s originals. 2003 was another great year for Mercy’s Heart and they put together another CD including 9 of Monty’s originals. One of the songs on the album entitled “He went all they Way” was released to radio and done very well across the nation. Another song on that project from Mercy’s Heart was a song written by Monty that he shared with the McKameys and they decided to record his song in 2004 on their FRESH MANNA project. The song was called “I AM HOME” , and it went to #1 December 2005 and stayed there for January 2006. Monty is doing what he has always dreamed of being able to do, sing for Jesus and write the words and music that God lays on his heart. Monty says that he will listen to other styles of music, but the only music that really puts his feet to tapping and his heart to singing is Southern Gospel.


Monty Milikin
PO Box 363
Vienna, GA 31092
Phone: (229) 273-5473

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