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The Providentials, a male southern gospel quartet, traces its origins to February 1999.

Lead Singer Joe Young was resting at his home one evening, when he got a phone call from local preacher and singer, Greg Smith. Having heard that Joe was a fine singer, Greg asked Joe whether he would meet with him to sing some gospel music. From that phone call there has developed Southwest Mississippi’s Providentials Quartet.

Joe asked Danney Bullock, the minister of music at the Johnston Chapel United Methodist Church to a meeting with Smith. Greg knew a tenor singer named Philip “Scoofer” Leggett, who had agreed to accompany Greg one evening to sing. Joe, Danney, Greg, and Scoofer met one evening to sing some southern gospel music. The first song attempted was the Carl Perkins penned tune, “Daddy Sang Bass.” After working on that song just a couple of times, these four men began to believe that the providence of God had put them together for a reason. Ever the musician and Primitive Baptist, Joe knew the new group was ready for the a cappella test. Joe led out with the old hymn “What A Day That Will Be.” At conclusion, each man knew as surely as if God had spoken to him in audible voice that the blend and harmony was not only tight but also unique. Joe, Danney, Scoofer and Greg began to understand God’s musical ministry plans for their lives. These four men knew it was the providence of God that had put them together. After prayer, the name “The Providentials” was adopted and those four men started on their mission of spreading God’s word through song.

The providence of God soon blended tenor Darrell Boyd into the sound and lives of The Providentials. Men with totally different vocations, backgrounds, and for the most part strangers to one another, spread God’s word through song. Danny Easley soon joined the group, running sound and filling in as necessary.

In May 2001, Danney Bullock left the group after feeling the call of God to devote greater time to his church music ministry position. In June 2001, Philip “Scoofer” Leggett went to be with the Lord. Surrounded with trouble and grief, the group bowed to the Lord and asked Him to fill the void. Once again after what seemed to be a series of unusual circumstances, the providence of God was upon the group. The Providentials were blessed with a new baritone singer by the name of Cliff Persick. Cliff filled the singing part and helped to renew the groups’ faith. In November of 2002, nagging medical problems forced Cliff to resign from the Providentials. A search was begun for a baritone singer. The members once again bowed in prayer asking the Lord to fill the void with a special person. Once again the Lord’s providence provided a unique individual with a passion for southern gospel music by the name of Lane Reed. While The Providentials were praying on one end to send them a dedicated, willing, and devoted baritone singer, Lane was praying for an opportunity to expand his music ministry. The Lord made it happen by putting the two together. Lane brought a whole new dimension to the group with his background involving the “golden age” of quartet singing.

In the late summer of 2003, Greg felt the Lord calling him back to preach the word. The other members of The Providentials, although saddened to loose Greg, encouraged him to follow the call of the Lord. Once again, the group asked the Lord to fill the void.

Good bass singers are hard to find. The group decided to go after one of the best bass singers in Mississippi after they learned that C.O. Stegall was not singing with another group. In August 2003, the Providentials met with C. O. Stegall. C. O. had sung with The Magnolia State Quartet, The Continentals, and the Southland Boys. During his many years of singing gospel music, he shared the stage with such icons as the Statesmen, the Blackwoods, the Goodmans, the Florida Boys, and the Cathedrals. After prayer, C.O. and his wife Deany joined the Providentials. C. O. brought a load of talent to the group along with a world of experience.

Darrell Boyd came off the road in March 2004 to spend more time with his family. The Providentials added tenor, Tim Johnson to the group. Johnson came to the group through the providence of the Lord as well. None of the Providentials knew Tim. As every other door shut, there could be no doubt that it was God’s will that Tim join the Providentials. Praying for a ministry minded singer–God blessed the Providentials with Tim. Tim and his wife Tammy make their home in Busy Corner, Mississippi where both are on staff at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.

The Providentials are pressing forward today with a fresh crisp quartet sound that is better than ever. Their schedule continues to expand as the Lord opens new doors and provides greater opportunities for the ministry. Congregations continue to be moved by their providentially inspired music


Providentials Quartet
3018 D. P. Guy Road
Ruth, MS 39662
Phone: (601) 276-2644
FAX: (601) 783-3784

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