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     Hello to all our brother and sister artist, groups, DJ’s, Promotion Companies, Record Labels, etc.  In yet another effort for YOUR www.SmokyMountainGospel.com radio station to -> ‘COME OUT, AND BE YE SEPARATE!’ <smile>, we are inviting you to record a liner(s) for your songs.

     That being a small recording OF YOU ALL introducing yourselves AND your songs, to enable the listeners to get to ‘KNOW’ the artists/groups a little more personally, and not perceive you all as a ‘singer’ or a ‘group’, rather a ‘friend’ or ‘friends’ they know more personally that are out their lifting up the name of Jesus, narrowing the ‘gap’ between THEM and YOU…towards being ‘in one-accord’ as much as is possible<smile>

     Remember,  everything we are stewards of is yours as well, please think of the website AND the radio station as your own, and co-laborers with Carolyn and myself in the harvest, remembering that prior to December 19th, 2004 at 3AM (which actually went online CHRISTmas Day December 25th, 2005) neither of us knew what a ‘liner’ was, a ‘comp disk’, a ‘track’ a ‘cut’ or anything else to do with radio, recordings,  etc. In other words, we knew nothin’ about nothin’ to do with radio or the ‘gospel music industry’ whatsoever.

     OK, that said we are seeking to get liners from EVERY artist / group / promo company, record label etc., introducing their own recordings.  At the bottom of this page are EXAMPLES of liners brothers and sisters have designed.

     As per the content, please feel free to ad-lib as the Spirit leads you, along with including a few basic elements to add uniformity and a format enabling folks to identify with YOUR www.SmokyMountainGospel.com !


1)  —> “A BIG HELLO to ALL you listeners, DJ’s, Pastor’s & Music Ministers out there listening WORLDWIDE to YOUR www.SmokyMountainGospel.com!!!  “This is __________ (with group name if applicable). (I/We) hope you enjoy OUR song coming up NEXT, MAY GOD BLESS!!! (remember you are welcome and encouraged to vary this as you are led)


NOW if you’d like to hear some examples of other brother and sister’s liners already in rotation, and possibly get ideas or to use the same format for your own liner, just click on their names below, and we will stream you their liners in Real Player (version 10.5 or greater required).

        Click On Name For Real Player Sample of 171+ Liners Of Other Brothers & Sisters Liners

     NOTE: Some of the above examples refer to specific songs, but for starters if you will just generalize it as “our song coming up next’  we can use the same liner for each of your songs in regular rotation!

     OK!!!  When you are ready, CLICK HERE To E-Mail Us That You Are Ready To Record Your Liner, we will email you back (usually within minutes as we are here typically 24 hours a day HAHA) and THEN in the return email we will tell you to call in on our toll free number that will NOW be hooked up to our recording machine (actually  a computer which prompts you enter ZERO to leave a message or Enter 1 to leave a liner (that’s what you should choose) and remember its just like you were leaving a message on an answering machine, if you goof up, just pause and start back at the beginning!  Once you are finished hang up and we will email you back how it all worked out!

NOTE: If you would rather record your liner on your own equipment and email the liner or US mail the liner that’s fine, everything us up to you to do with as you are led<SMILE>

We love you all and believe in you all, and unless the Lord points us in another direction, will be doing everything the Lord leads us to do to share your music with ‘anyone that has an ear’, to the fullest of the ability the Lord enables us to do. and are here to serve you in every way possible!  This is not an experimental entity, everything the Lord has given us is devoted to this, along with every minute of what the Lord grants us to yet live, to being about the Fathers Biz 24/7.

Your brother and sister in CHRIST JESUS,
steve & carolyn 

steve@AboutTheFathersBusiness.com or carolyn@AboutTheFathersBusiness.com 

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.





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